Bala Gokulam

A central part of Bharathi Vidyashram is the Bala Gokulam program, a collaborative effort from Bharathi Vidyashram and the Hindu Temple of NH.

The Bala Gokulam program groups its programs into multiple classes based on the number of enrolled children and their abilities.  The curriculum changes each year taking the development of previous years’ students as well as the needs of new students into consideration.  

What’s happening this week in Bala Gokulam?

Here is the Bala Gokulam Curriculum Summary for 2020-21.  We will have an academic year calendar available soon.

Every Saturday  
Hindi/Tamil/Telugu Language3:004:00
Sanskrit Language4:005:10
Culture and Value Education5:156:30

The children from Bala Gokulam regularly perform at events such as Vishwa Samskrita Dinam, signature events hosted by prominent regional organizations and during special events at the Hindu Temple of NH.

The Bala Gokulam program concludes each year with a much anticipated Annual Day program, that showcases what the various groups of children learned that year.


Bala Gokulam was created primarily to fill a perceived void in the upbringing of children. While parents were focused on providing a great life for their children through excellent schooling and fine careers, it was felt that a program that imparted Value Education would significantly contribute to turning them into wonderful human beings as well.

As part of Bala Gokulam, Bharathi Vidyashram offers the Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu language programs, while the Hindu Temple of NH offers Culture and Value Education classes.

Toward this end, the Bala Gokulam covers a broad range of topics:

The Bala Gokulam program began in the Fall of 2011, and predates the creation of Bharathi Vidyashram by a couple of years.